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Inspec100 offers custom engineering solutions to industry. At inspec we feel it is crucial to understand the customer's specific applications and expectations when we design a solution. We offer solutions ranging from custom vision inspection equipment to new fastener designs.

Inspec100 is known throughout the fastener industry for our vision inspection systems. We develop custom sorting and inspection machines that have tighter accuracies and higher throughput than completing solutions. We are proud to announce that inspec100 now offers a revolutionary new design for MS21042 \ NAS1291 nuts.

Inspec100 Inspection Inspec100 GUI

Inspec is also proud to offer an automated first article inspection system. It was developed with a 30 station dial and an automatic "Pick & Place" robotic arm. Running the machines is as easy as loading the parts in the dial and pressing the run button. This automated system can print full inspection reports with documented accuracies up to .00009". This system brings tremendous value to any quality department at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for a linear (belt), or glass dial machine, Inspec100 can satisfy your needs with accuracies to .0005" while increasing output up to 300%.

These inspection devices are patented.